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7 Metals Talisman

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The seven metals of alchemy is believed them to be full of spiritual powers. Our 7 Metals Talisman is a mixture of 7 metals for good luck and prosperity. Carry in your purse, wallet or pocket when you are in need of extra money or when your luck is down.

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Our spiritualist will say a prayer over your candle, light it, and place it on our altar. You will receive one photo of your lit candle via email. NOTE: It may take 7-10 days to receive your photo, so please be patient.
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Our 7 Metals Amulet, a powerful talisman for prosperity, success and good luck. This amulet is handcrafted and features seven different metals: gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, lead, and zinc. According to ancient beliefs, each metal corresponds to a planet and its energy, which when combined together, creates a powerful talisman that can bring balance, harmony and positive energy in to your life. The amulet is beautifully designed and features intricate details, making it a unique and meaningful piece of jewelry. It comes with a black cord so you can wear it as a necklace or hang it in your home or office. It makes a great gift for anyone looking for good luck and success in their life.

  • Comes with a prayer in Spanish