Money drawing bowl video

How To Create a Money Drawing Bowl

In this video, Lulu introduces viewers to the creation of a Money Bowl, a powerful spell designed to attract prosperity and abundance for October. Lulu starts by cleansing the bowl with sage and Mr. Money incense, emphasizing the importance of setting a clear intention for either a specific financial goal or general wealth and prosperity. She underscores the use of salt for protection and rice for abundance as foundational elements of the Money Bowl.

The process involves placing a tea light candle inscribed with the number 888 in the bowl, symbolizing infinite abundance, alongside personal significant items. Lulu highlights the addition of pyrite and citrine crystals, known for their money-attracting properties, and instructs viewers on how to incorporate coins and cinnamon sticks to further enhance the bowl's potency.

A unique step involves rolling currency in ground cinnamon and drawing it towards oneself to symbolize drawing money closer. Bay leaves are added for manifestation purposes, cloves for additional energy, and money-drawing oil is applied to the candle for an extra boost. Five-finger grass and mint are also included to complete the Money Bowl, each ingredient chosen for its specific contribution to attracting financial blessings.

Through this video, viewers learn a step-by-step guide to creating their own Money Bowl, leveraging the synergistic power of herbs, crystals, and personal intention to manifest wealth and prosperity in their lives.