Money drawing bath video

How To Make A Money Drawing Bath

In this captivating video, Lulu introduces viewers to an enticing ritual designed to bring money and prosperity into one's life. Right from the doorstep to the tranquility of the bath, she emphasizes how simple ingredients can make a profound impact.

Starting with a mixture of potent herbs, Lulu combines bay leaves, five-finger grass, spearmint, cinnamon, and clove. To enhance its effectiveness, she infuses the concoction with Money Drawing Oil. One can almost smell the aroma of prosperity as she describes the fragrance of the mix.

But it doesn't stop at aromas. Lulu recommends using the Jackpot Money Spray together with the primary mixture to cleanse your living spaces, emphasizing the importance of purifying the home and its surroundings to attract wealth.

Transitioning to the Money Bath, Lulu speaks about the importance of self-care and reflection. While it's not an everyday affair, periodically indulging in this bath can be a transformative experience. Fresh flowers set the scene, accompanied by a Money Drawing Bag Bath Bomb that has an alluring scent. As she unwinds, charged crystals and soothing music envelop her, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and intention.

Concluding the ritual, Lulu introduces the Don Dinero Bath and Floor Wash, lauding its delightful scent and vibrant color that adds the perfect finishing touch to her prosperity-attracting regimen.