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Experience a transformative and empowering psychic and intuitive card reading with Lou, a renowned diviner, metaphysical reader, and Orisha priest. With a rich background spanning over two decades, Lou offers insightful readings and spiritual guidance that blend his deep spiritual knowledge with his skills in card reading and mediumship.

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Embark on a journey of transformation and empowerment with a psychic and intuitive card reading from Lou, a distinguished diviner, metaphysical reader, and Orisha priest. Boasting over twenty years of experience, Lou provides profound readings that merge his extensive spiritual wisdom with his expertise in card reading and mediumship.

  • Half-Hour Reading with Lou - $100
  • Full Hour Reading with Lou - $200

About Lou

Lou is a versatile and skilled diviner and metaphysical reader. He plays multiple roles including being a Priest, lecturer, author, medicine maker, and activist. Lou's work combines various fields such as herbalism, ecology, divination, poetry, psychology, religious studies, and art. He focuses on exploring and activating the spiritual essence in these areas.

As a dedicated Priest and spiritual adviser, Lou has been deeply involved in his Orisha-centered community. He was initiated into Orisha priesthood under the guidance of his godmother and later achieved a higher level of priesthood in Nigeria. He has also been recognized as a co-leading Priest in his spiritual community.

Lou's expertise extends to being a diviner, card reader, spiritualist, and medium, catering to a global audience. He has learned from numerous elders in the United States and Central America and teaches divination and spiritual arts to various learners.

As an author, Lou has published a book on spellcraft and medicine making, contributing significantly to the literature on spirituality and witchcraft. He has also written articles and essays on related topics and co-hosts an online event that combines poetry and witchcraft. Additionally, Lou has contributed creatively to notable performances, including one by Katy Perry.

Please note that due to high demand, it may take approximately 1-2 days for Lou to contact you to schedule your reading after completing your order. For entertainment purposes only.