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Past Life Regression With Fatima

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This Past Life Regression Therapy by Fatima is aimed at addressing "irrational" fears and emotional, mental, or physical blocks that may be tied to experiences in past lives. This technique involves putting you into a meditative state to explore past lives and heal traumas. The session is designed for those seeking spiritual clarity or curiosity about their past lives.

30 min $100, 60 min $200, 3 60 min sessions $525

For most people, our daily lives are inflicted with at least one “irrational” fear, such as a strong fear of bridges, knives, or losing someone. Oftentimes this is tied to a connection we had in a previous life that has prevented us from moving forward or truly living our present life to its fullest extent.

This technique puts the client in a meditative state as we dive into a past life that has created emotional, mental, or physical blocks to heal the trauma from that previous lifetime.

Since ancient times, people have probed into their past lives; some for spiritual clarity, others for curiosity. The session requires your name, birthdate, and a brief description of what brings you to this session and what you'd like to receive from past-life regression therapy.

The experience is transformative with best results wielded from 3-4 sessions. Book your session today and begin to see a change in yourself and how you view the world.

  • 30 min: $100
  • 60 min: $200
  • Three 60 min sessions: $525

Please note that due to high demand, it may take approximately 1-2 days for Fatima to contact you to schedule your reading after completing your order. For entertainment purposes only.