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Protection Magick By Angelina

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Angelina's Protection Magick Sessions, available in Basic and Advanced formats, focus on enhancing energy protection. The 30-minute Basic session covers essential protective strategies using herbs, crystals, and auric field empowerment. The one-hour Advanced session, integrating Psychic Reading with Protection Magick, is designed for those facing psychic attacks or negative energies. Angelina offers personalized guidance, including rituals and spells, to help clients clear their energy bodies and secure future well-being. Both sessions aim to provide individuals with the tools and knowledge for spiritual safety and clarity, ensuring a comprehensive approach to personal energy protection.

Choose a 1/2 hour ($50) or 1 hour ($100) Session...

Basic Protection Magick Session: 30 minutes

In this 30-minute Protection Magick Session, Angelina will cover basic tips and tools that participants can utilize in their everyday lives to keep their energy protected and clear of any darker energies or forces. She will go over some basics, including the use of herbs, crystals, and amulets, as well as techniques for using one's own auric field as a protective barrier.

Advanced Protection Magick Session: 1 hour

In this transformative one-hour session, Angelina blends the insightful guidance of a Psychic Reading with the empowering knowledge of a Protection Magick Class. Whether clients have been feeling the effects of psychic attacks, suspect a curse or hex, or sense dark, negative energies infiltrating their lives, this comprehensive session is designed to address these challenges head-on.

By delving into clients' auric fields, Angelina identifies the specific adversities they're facing and receives detailed instructions from collective guides on how to eliminate these harmful energies. From customized rituals and spells to the use of specific herbs and tools, Angelina shares all the necessary steps to cleanse clients' energy bodies and restore their well-being.

This one-hour session not only aims to remove negative influences but also equips clients with the knowledge and techniques to protect themselves from future psychic disturbances.

About Angelina

Angelina, a proficient Psychic Medium with over 13 years of experience, engages deeply with your energy field during a Reading. She establishes a link with both your Spirit Guides and her own, enhancing her ability to gain diverse insights. This unique connection allows her to perceive aspects of your past, present, and future, detect any health-related concerns or energy blockages, offer guidance on the most beneficial choices for you, and help you connect with loved ones who have passed on.

Please note that due to high demand, it may take approximately 1-2 days for Angelina to contact you to schedule your reading after completing your order. For entertainment purposes only.