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Shango Car Statue

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This 5-inch tall statue of Orisha Shango is the perfect size for your car's dashboard or glove compartment, or your home or altar. Shango is the owner of fire, lightning, thunder, and war, but he is also the patron of music, drumming, and dancing. He represents male beauty and virility, passion, and power.


This 5-inch tall Orisha Shango statue is ideal for placement on your car's dashboard or in the glove compartment, as well as in your home or on your altar.

  • 5" Shango Car Statue.

Who Is The Orisha Shango?

Shango is the Orisha who presides over fire, lightning, thunder, and warfare, but he is also regarded as the patron of music, drumming, and dance. He embodies male beauty and potency, passion, and authority. Shango's colors are red and white, and his eleke, or sacred necklace, features red and white beads arranged in alternating patterns. His designated number is 6, and Friday, along with the fourth day of each month, is considered his day of the week.