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Shango Camino Necklace

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This Shango Camino necklace is a type of jewelry worn in Santeria and Orisha worship practices to honor and connect with the Orisha Shango. It is similar to a Collar de Shango or Shango necklace, but it is believed to hold additional spiritual power and significance.

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In Santeria and Orisha worship practices, the Shango Camino necklace is worn as a type of jewelry to honor and establish a connection with the Orisha Shango. It is akin to the Collar de Shango or Shango necklace, but it holds extra spiritual power and importance.

The necklace is made from alternating red and white beads, which are Shango's colors. This Shango Camino necklace represents a potent emblem of protection and strength that is thought to assist the wearer in overcoming obstacles and challenges in their life.

  • 15" Long with Camino bead