Shango chango xango orisha

Connecting with Shango for Luck and Power

Shango (also known as Changó or Xangô), is the Orisha of drumming, dancing, fire, and virility. He is a dominant, commanding figure, who also understands fun and pleasure. He is a warrior, but also a musician and dancer. He is a martial artist, and he loves competitive sports. He is the embodiment of aggression and compassion together. People often call upon him for help taking control of their luck or having more power in their lives. His protection and assistance are for everyone in need of it. If you think you could use some of Shango's help, here is how you may try to connect with him:

1. Create a space for Shango

If you have a fireplace or hearth in your home, try to make a sacred space for Shango near there. You can also set aside some space to create an Orisha altar for Shango. Traditionally, a special wooden batea on a pilon is used to house his sacred objects. Dress a surface in red and white cloths, an image of Shango, thunderstones, cedar tools, a bowl for food offerings, and red and white candles. Traditionally, a batea on a pilon is used to house him.

Light the candles and offer Shango his favorite foods, like spicy dishes, red apples, yams, peppers, corn, cooked crabmeat, red wine, or rum, each Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday (the day depends on tradition). He also likes red roses. Be sure to remember him on December 4th, his celebration day.

When you make offerings, use this time to meditate on what Shango might do in your situation. He is aggressive but fair. He is powerful but compassionate. He can help you change your luck using his wisdom and intelligence, to point out how to get out of difficult situations, but you have to be receptive and listening.

Note that it is not enough to simply light candles and offer food. Shango is a warrior and a man of action. Connecting to him means not only making space for him, but living by his example -- with strength, vigor, creativity, and justice.

2. Pray the Seven Rays of Shango

The concept of seven rays is something that exists across many religions. This prayer is useful for power and protection against evil and enemies. It usually expresses the syncretization of Shango and Saint Barbara, but this version does not.

Light an Abundance Candle. Feel the warmth of Shango's flame as you say...

I call the Seven Rays of Shango, to make the hearts of the evil ones tremble.
I call on your help, Shango, so your eyes may be mine and my eyes may be yours.
Allow no evil thing to reach me.
Make your rays turn the houses of my enemies to rubble.
Destroy all obstacles for my highest good.
Mighty one, lend me your strength so that all evil powers must retreat.
Thank you.

3. Make a Petition

It is said that petitions made during a thunderstorm are the most effective. Thunder mimics Shango's percussion as a master of the drum. During a thunderstorm, light a Chango Macho Custom Scented Candle and some Chango Macho Incense. (If you have a space in your home dedicated to Shango, this is the perfect place to do this.) Make offerings of food, drink, or red roses.

Write your desire for luck, virility, or power on a slip of paper or parchment. Place it under the candle. Bear in mind that he is an aggressive figure, but a fair one -- he is invested in justice and is not likely to help you if you have secretive or evil intentions toward someone. If your intentions are pure, speak from the heart and ask for his help.

4. Walk Your Talk

Shango is a powerful figure, and he wants his devotees to be strong, brave, and dedicated as well. If you want him to help you change your luck and become more powerful, it is not enough to sit back and passively wait for him to help you. You must be willing to go outside of your comfort zone and step up to meet the challenges that face you. Demonstrate your strength and bravery, and you will connect with Shango's strength and vitality.

Remind yourself of this strength each day by carrying a prayer card and reciting the prayer every morning. You may also make a daily ritual of anointing yourself with Chango Macho Perfume or Cologne to connect to him through scent.

If you like, you can also take up martial arts. Shango is associated with capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian art that combines dancing and fighting techniques.

If you need the strength of a warrior-king, connect with Shango. Whenever you need help to overcome enemies, experience better luck, or enhance your virility, he can assist you with his power, wisdom, and creativity as long as your intentions are just.