Seal of the earth

Seal of the Earth Amulet

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From the 6th and 7th Book of Moses, The Seal of Earth, also known as the Seal of Spiritual Assistance, is believed to provide support and assistance from benevolent deities and supernatural entities in one's pursuits. This powerful charm brings supernatural support to the one who carries it.

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Our Seal of the Earth Amulet is a powerful talisman designed to provide grounding, stability, and connection to the earth. The amulet is beautifully crafted and features the Seal of the Earth, an ancient symbol that represents the element of earth and its grounding properties. The seal of the earth is believed to provide balance, stability and a sense of grounding to the wearer.

The amulet is made of high-quality materials, and can be worn as a necklace or carried in a pocket or bag. It's a perfect tool for those who are feeling ungrounded, anxious or disconnected from the earth and nature. Whether you're facing difficult challenges, dealing with negative people, or simply looking for an extra layer of grounding, our Seal of the Earth Amulet is here to help

  • Approximately 2"
  • Comes in a draw string bag along with a cord necklace & prayer card