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Open Road Kit

Open Road Intention Kit

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Clear the obstacles from your journey with our meticulously crafted Open Road Intention Kit. Infused with ancient wisdom and powerful energies, this kit serves as your companion, guiding you toward paths of discovery, clarity, and boundless potential.


Unveil the possibilities that await on your path as you embrace the wisdom and energies within the Open Road Intention Kit. Let it be your guiding light towards new beginnings, opportunities, and a fulfilling journey ahead.

Set forth on your journey with clarity and purpose - order your Open Road Kit today and unlock the doors to new adventures!

Open Road Intention Kit Includes:

  • Mountain Sage Smudge Stick Bundle: Harness the cleansing power of Mountain Sage to purify your surroundings, clearing away stagnant energies and paving the way for a fresh start on your journey.
  • 10mL Open Road Herbal Oil: A harmonious blend of herbs renowned for their ability to open doors, this enchanting oil serves as a catalyst for new beginnings, inviting positive energies and aligning your path with possibilities.
  • 4″ Selenite Wand: Channel the pure and serene energy of selenite, infusing your intentions with clarity, guidance, and a protective shield as you navigate uncharted territories.
  • Palo Santo Stick: Engage the tranquil essence of Palo Santo to create an aura of peace, dispelling obstacles and paving the way for a balanced and focused mind on your journey.

How to Use:

  1. Purify Your Space: Light the Mountain Sage Smudge Stick Bundle, allowing its fragrant smoke to cleanse your environment, preparing a sacred space for new beginnings.
  2. Anoint with Herbal Oil: Apply a few drops of the Open Road Herbal Oil to yourself, candles, amulets, mojo bags or any other objects symbolizing your journey, inviting positive energies and aligning your path with possibilities.
  3. Harness Selenite's Guidance: Use the Selenite Wand to trace your desired direction, visualizing your path and empowering your intentions with clarity and purpose.
  4. Palo Santo Serenity: Burn the Palo Santo Stick to invite tranquility and focus, allowing your mind to remain centered as you embrace the journey ahead.