Soul sticks open roads resin incense

Open Roads Resin Incense

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Open Roads Resin Incense by Soul Sticks is designed to clear obstacles and attract positive changes. Perfect for rituals related to new beginnings and spiritual growth, its aromatic blend creates a sacred space for meditation, prayer, and connection to the divine. Use it to welcome change, gain clarity, and enhance your spiritual journey with the protective guidance of the universe.


Open Roads Resin Incense by Soul Sticks offers a unique blend of natural resins known for their potent spiritual properties. Crafted to facilitate spiritual journeying, this incense is revered in various spiritual and ritual practices for its ability to clear obstacles, open doors to new opportunities, and invite positive energy into one's life.

Ideal for use in rituals of new beginnings, such as starting a new job, moving to a new home, or embarking on a spiritual journey, its aromatic essence is believed to create a sacred space that welcomes change, promotes clarity, and enhances one's connection to the divine.

Suitable for meditation, prayer, or any spiritual practice aiming to remove blockages and ensure a smooth path forward, Open Roads Resin Incense serves as a powerful tool in seeking guidance and protection from the spiritual realm.

  • 1 oz (30 grams)