How charge cleanse amulet talisman

How to Cleanse and Charge Amulets and Talismans

From good luck to protection, amulets and talismans have been used for centuries in many cultures. While both of these powerful tools hold their own power, it's a good idea to activate them with the wearer's intentions. Think of it as giving them extra power! This can be done once but it is believed that you should be cleansing and charging them often as it may collect toxic energies from others. Here are the ways you should charge your amulets and talismans.

Before starting, make sure you have a sacred space to work in. An altar or a clean, private space is fine. Lighting a candle, like a spiritual cleansing candle, can help set the mood.

Setting Your Intentions

Think of intentions as a starting point for your dreams. It's the creative fuel that drives you and your magic to achieve all your desires. The key to setting intentions is speaking from your heart and being very specific. For each amulet and talisman, think about exactly what you need from them.

An example of a weak intention is "I want more money." An example of a strong and powerful intention is "I want to make more than $8000 a month in a job that I love." Some find that stating your intentions in the present tense really boosts the magic - "I am protected from all dark energies and am enjoying a healthy and happy life." Start every cleansing and charging session by clearly stating your intentions.

Cleansing Your Amulet or Talisman With Water and Smoke

All objects can pick up energy from the environment, people, situations, etc. By cleansing your objects, you are creating a clean slate for you to imprint your own intentions and energy.

The easiest way to cleanse an amulet or talisman is by putting it into water. Gently rub Holy Water on your objects or hold it under a lake, creek, or even your sink. Lighting sage or incense and allowing the smoke to encompass the objects will also work. Place the objects outside under the moonlight (preferably a full moon) or place them in a bowl of salt.

Anointing Your Amulet or Talisman With Oils, Perfumes, and Colognes

Amulets and talismans can be "fed" with spiritual oils. Always use your dominant hand when anointing and follow the shape of the object while repeating your intentions. Use oils, colognes, or perfumes that correspond to your wishes. Rub a few drops of protection oil on your objects for extra protection and sandalwood cologne for luck. For Saint Michael talismans, add Saint Michael oil and for evil eye amulets, spray some evil eye perfume on them.

Charging Your Amulet or Talisman

After stating your intentions, cleansing, and anointing your amulets and talismans, it's time to charge them. Hold your amulet or talisman with your non-dominant hand. Place your dominant over the object as you pray. Ask the Universe, Gods, Spirit Guides, Angels, or Ancestors to charge your objects with love and light. As you pray, imagine a white light surrounding your hands and the objects. Bring your amulet or talisman to your heart as you give thanks for divine guidance. You are now ready to wear them!

Amulets and Talismans: A Guide For Their Uses

There are a variety of amulets and talismans that can be worn or carried for many different intentions. The following describes some of the more common amulets and talismans and how they are used.

Magical Amulets

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