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Lebrillo for Aganju

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This Lebrillo for Aganju (also known as Agayú, Aggayú, or Aganyú) is similar to a sopera, and is used as a sacred vessel on an Orisha's altar. For Aganju, this lebrillo is a dark, earthy color that corresponds to his associations with the earth, volcanoes, and wilderness. Approximately 18" Tall-Shellacked Wood Color


This Lebrillo for Aganju serves as the home for the Orisha's stones or sacred relics, which are believed to embody the spirit of the deity. During rituals and ceremonies, offerings are often placed in this lebrillo as a tribute to the Orisha Aganju. It also may be used for divination or other ritual practices.

  • Approximately 18" Tall-Shellacked Wood Color