Machete de ogun

Machete de Ogun With Wood Handle

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This 15-inch long Machete de Ogun is a divine tool embodying the strength and resilience of Ogun, the Orisha of iron, war, and labor. Crafted for Santería, Ifá, and Afro-Cuban religious practices, this machete clears obstacles, offers protection, and strengthens perseverance. With authentic symbols honoring Ogun, it's perfect for rituals, as a decorative homage, or as a spiritual emblem. Ideal for deepening connections with Ogun, it guides practitioners through their spiritual journey, providing protection and clarity.


Embrace the spiritual essence of Ogun, the powerful Orisha of iron, war, and labor, with our meticulously crafted Machete de Ogun. This sacred tool is not merely an artifact; it is a conduit to the divine, embodying Ogun's unstoppable force and resilience. Forged to serve practitioners of Santería, Ifá, and other Afro-Cuban religions, this machete resonates with the spirit of Ogun, aiding in the clearing of obstacles, protection from negative forces, and the cultivation of perseverance and strength.

Our Machete de Ogun is designed with authenticity in mind, featuring symbols and details that honor the traditional attributes of Ogun. Whether used in ritual ceremonies, as a decorative piece to honor the Orisha, or as a spiritual emblem to channel Ogun's protective and clearing energies, this machete serves as a powerful reminder of the warrior spirit. Ideal for those seeking to deepen their connection with Ogun and harness his guiding light in their spiritual journey, this machete is a must-have for devotees and practitioners alike.

Discover the power of Ogun's machete, and let it guide you through your spiritual path, offering protection, strength, and clarity as you navigate the complexities of life and spirituality.

  • 15" long
  • Wooden Handle