Healing health rituals spells

Stay Healthy with These Rituals

Sometimes, eating well, getting enough sleep, and going to the doctor does not feel like enough. Even if you are healthy, you may still be sensitive to the spiritual energy of illness around you. While you should always take care of your physical body first, there are several ways that you can keep your spiritual body strong.

A Healing and Cleansing Home Ritual

Your space is a reflection of yourself and your mind -- a cluttered, stuffy home is not just unhygienic, it shows the energy blocks in your life. Before beginning this ritual, de-clutter and air out your home. Sweep it from back to front, visualizing all of the old energy being swept out. Place a Cristo Salud or Health Custom Big Al candle in the center of the room, and light it. Then, add slices of lemon, a cup of lavender flowers steeped into a tea, and rock salt to a bucket of clean water. Use this to mop the floors of the room from back to front, as you say,
"Pain and sickness, go away.
Only light and healing may stay."

Move the candle to the next room, and repeat. If you have carpeting, you can mix Healing sachet powder with a small quantity of baking soda. Sprinkle on carpets, allow to sit for a moment, then vacuum up. Finish by carrying a lit stick of lavender incense through your home in a clockwise direction, and saying,
"So I will it, so it will be."

Petition Dr. Gregorio Hernandez

Dr. José Gregorio Hernández was a physician in Venezuela. He treated the poor for free, even buying medicine with his own money. After his death, people began receiving miracles when they prayed to him for intercession. Dr. Hernandez is considered Venerable by the Catholic church, which is currently determining whether he is eligible for sainthood.

You can ask for Dr. Gregorio Hernandez's help. Carry a prayer card with you, and request his aid for yourself or others. At home, anoint a Dr. Gregorio Hernandez 7 day saint candle with a little bit of Healing oil. Place the candle in a safe place, light it, and recite the prayer on the back. When you are through, sit quietly and visualize a warm, healing blue light showering down over you. This light fills your aura, strengthening it to protect you. It fills your body, helping you remain strong. Snuff the candle, and repeat this ritual as necessary.

Make a Knot Spell for Protection

Knot spells are helpful for "storing" magic. You can make a protective spell by taking a red string, and visualizing protective, health-preserving power at every step. First, tie a knot at one end, and say,
"By the knot of one, the spell's begun."
Tie a knot at the other end, and say,
"By the knot of two, it comes true."
Tie one in the middle, and say,
"By the knot of three, good health to me."
Continue tying knots, saying,
"By the knot of four, the power grows more.
By the knot of five, I guard my life.
By the knot of six, this spell is fixed.
By the knot of seven, the future I leaven.
By the knot of eight, my will is fate.
By the knot of nine, my will be mine."
Tug the ends of the string, and say,
"So it will be."

Anoint the knots with Angelica oil. Place it before a Healing Blessed Herbal Pillar Candle, light the candle, and let it be bathed in healing light. Say,
"I call on the forces of nature and deity,
Good health, strength, and vitality to me.
This is my will, so it shall be,
Good health, strength, and vitality to me."

Tie the string around your wrist, and wear it as a protective amulet.

Staying healthy is tough, and your health can be affected by everything from the food you eat, to how much sleep you get, to what kind of energy you surround yourself with. Take care of your physical body by treating yourself well and going to the doctor, but take time out to care for your spiritual self, as well.