Road opening rituals spells video

Three Simple Road Opening Rituals

This video is a comprehensive guide to not one, not two, but three easy and effective rituals to open your road to success and clear away obstacles. Plus, as a bonus, it shares two simple tips to boost your manifestation and protection practices.

The first ritual introduces you to the Open Road Candle ritual. The video carefully takes you through the steps, from preparing your candle to meditating on open roads and finally, lighting it. The Open Road Candle has been specially dressed and blessed for this ritual.

The second ritual calls upon the elemental powers - fire, water, air, and earth, to remove obstacles and open roads. It outlines the use of water, open road incense, soil, and a custom-scented open road candle to represent each of these elements, and guides you through a powerful ritual that involves invoking each element to break, blow, wash, and burn away any obstacles in your path.

The third ritual features a straightforward yet potent ritual using water and bay leaves. It walks you through the process of writing down your desires on bay leaves and letting them soak in water while visualizing your desires manifesting.

Lastly, the video highlights the natural magic of common kitchen ingredients - salt, sugar, and cinnamon, and explains how these can be used for protection and attracting wealth and opportunities.