Orisha elegua prayer

An Elegua Prayer To Open Your Road

In life, when we hit a time of change and have to make big decisions, we look for help that goes beyond what we know, turning to spiritual guides like Elegua, who watches over doors and paths.

This prayer to Elegua is a call for clarity, courage, and strength to navigate life's challenges. It's not just a set of words but a sacred bridge between the human and the divine, a plea for guidance at life's crossroads, asking for the removal of obstacles and the opening of doors to new beginnings.

Approaching this prayer, let's do so with reverence, openness, and sincere hope that Elegua will grant us his favor. This is an invitation to connect with the spiritual realm, to discover the support and guidance waiting for us, inviting Elegua's wisdom and protection into our lives as we navigate the complexities of our destiny.

Elegua, guardian of the crossroads,
Opener of paths and remover of obstacles,
I come before you with reverence and respect,
Seeking your guidance and blessings.

As I stand at the crossroads of my life,
I ask for your assistance in clearing the way,
For opening doors that have been closed,
And for paving the road to success and prosperity.

Elegua, with your wisdom and power,
Guide me through the twists and turns of fate,
Illuminate the paths that lead to my destiny,
And protect me from harm along the way.

Grant me the strength and courage to face challenges,
The clarity of mind to make wise decisions,
And the perseverance to overcome any obstacles that may arise.

Elegua, I offer you my prayers and my devotion,
Please hear my plea and bless me with your favor,
So that I may walk confidently on the path before me,
Knowing that you are by my side, now and always.

Ase. Ase. Ase.