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Nine Mile Oil

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Nine Mile Oil is a potent concoction commonly used in various spiritual practices, particularly within the hoodoo tradition. Its name originates from the belief that it can help one's intentions reach those who are far away, even up to "nine miles" distant.

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Nine Mile Oil stands as a powerful blend frequently utilized in numerous spiritual endeavors, especially within the realms of hoodoo customs. The moniker it bears stems from the conviction that it possesses the capability to extend one's intentions to individuals who are significantly removed, spanning a distance of up to "nine miles".

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Spiritual Uses of Nine Mile Oil

  • Attraction and Influence: This oil can be used to draw someone or something closer to you, whether it be a prospective lover, a business opportunity, or enhanced luck. Anoint a candle with the oil while focusing on your intention to draw these closer to you.
  • Protection: In spiritual work, Nine Miles Oil can act as a protective barrier, safeguarding you from negative energies and influences. Anoint yourself with a dab of oil on your wrists and forehead before embarking on potentially risky situations.
  • Enhancing Spiritual Work: You can use this oil to enhance other forms of spiritual work, such as candle magic or mojo bags. It can amplify the energies and intentions set in these practices.
  • Healing and Cleansing: In some traditions, it's used in healing and cleansing rituals. Anoint a healing candle or add a few drops to your cleansing bath to incorporate its power.

How to Use Nine Mile Oil

  • Anointing Candles: Dress candles in the oil while concentrating on your desires and intentions. This is particularly effective for love spells or attraction spells.
  • Spiritual Baths: Add a few drops to your spiritual baths for protection or to draw in positive energies.
  • Mojo Bags: Add a few drops to mojo bags or gris-gris bags to intensify the power of the other items within the bag.
  • Anointing Objects: You can anoint objects like talismans, amulets, or even business contracts to attract positive energies or influence people in a favorable manner.
  • Personal Anointment: Use it as a personal oil by applying it to your pulse points to carry the oil’s properties with you throughout the day.