San deshacedor saint undoer unmaker

Dominate Evil and Your Enemies With San Deshacedor

If you do not have any enemies, you are very lucky. Most people have at least one rival -- even if they do not realize it. You may have someone who is envious or afraid of you or just sees you as a rival for something that they want. Sometimes, your enemies may even send evil your way. Fortunately, you can thwart them with San Deshacedor.

Who is San Deshacedor?

San Deshacedor is also known as Saint Undoer or Saint Unmaker. Though he is not recognized by the Catholic church, he is still a powerful figure. People petition him when they need help undoing problems. You can ask him for his assistance to overcome evil, defeat your enemies, purge negativity from yourself and your environment, or protect yourself.

Cleanse Away Evil and Protect Yourself

In magical and spiritual terms, "warding" is a way to keep things away from you. You can set up a space in your home for San Deshacedor to keep out anything you do not want around. Place a San Deshacedor statue in a place of honor in your home, where it will not be disturbed. If you like, you can also adorn this area with a white cloth, white candles, and a burner for frankincense and myrrh incense.

Make sure the area is kept clean and free of dust and clutter. Each day, say a prayer to San Deshacedor to request his help:

Oh San Deshacedor [or Saint Undoer],
Breaker of greed and evil.
Help me undo my enemies and their evil intentions.
Take all evil around me,
And turn it into goodness.
Take all of the evil my enemies send,
And send it back to them.
Undo those who wish harm on me,
And remove all obstacles from my path to happiness,
For your powerful hands can untie any knot,
And there is no challenge that you deem impossible.
Thank you, San Deshacedor.

Undo Malevolent Magic

San Deshacedor can also break hexes and jinxes that have been laid against you. Destroy all evil that surrounds you by performing a simple candle-burning ritual.

Start with a specially prepared San Deshacedor candle. Anoint the top with a few drops of San Deshacedor oil. If you know the specific person who has cursed you, you can write their name on a piece of paper or place a photograph of them in front of the candle.

Light the candle. You may recite the prayer that comes with it or make up your own. The most important part is to pray with sincerity and honesty. Allow the candle to burn for as long as you can. If you must leave it for any reason, snuff the flame and light it again when you return. (If you wish, you can also anoint it with another drop of oil before re-lighting it.)

When the candle has burned away completely, dispose of the remnants as far from your home as you can.

Since San Deshacedor also works to protect against evil and malicious people, you may wish to periodically repeat this spell to ask him to guard you.

Carry San Deshacedor to Banish Evil and Attract Goodness

We come in contact with negativity every day. You can protect yourself by carrying a San Deshacedor prayer card with you.

Before leaving your home, take a moment to pause. Picture yourself surrounded by a bubble of golden light that grows up around you from the ground, and showers down from the heavens. This light is a shield that blocks all evil that tries to attach to you. When you feel ready, recite the prayer on the back of the prayer card. You are now prepared to go out in the world.

When you return, pause for a moment again. Picture that same light pouring over you, removing all stress, worry, or frustration that you do not need to bring home. Thank San Deshacedor for his protection.

Send Cleansing, Protection, and Hex-Breaking from a Distance

You can also ask San Deshacedor to help your loved ones, even if they are far away. If someone you care about is suffering, anoint a San Deshacedor pull-out candle with a some San Deshacedor oil. (If you wish, you may carve the name of your loved one in the wax before anointing it.)

Place the candle on a fireproof surface. If you have any photos of this person or items that belong to them, place them in front of the candle. Light the wick, and say...

San Deshacedor,
Who is so powerful and kind,
I come to you to ask for help.
This is not for myself,
But for [the person in need of aid].
Break all evil spells placed against them.
Turn their enemies' gazes away from them.
Protect them from all harm,
Remove all obstacles set before them,
And undo any wickedness sent their way.
Thank you, San Deshacedor.

Let the candle burn completely as long as you can do so safely. You may burn it all at once or perform this spell over several days. When the candle is finished, dispose of the remains far from your (or your loved one's) home.

San Deshacedor specializes in undoing evil and removing negativity. If you feel that your enemies are working against you, or have sent some malevolent energy toward you, call on San Deshacedor to fix things. He can break obstacles, remove unwanted energies, undo the evil eye, provide protection, and attract happiness. All it takes is your intention, your sincerity, and a little bit of your time.