Protection from enemies evil

Gaining Protection From Your Enemies and Evil

Evil lurks in all corners of our lives. We cross paths with liars, thieves, con men and manipulators every day. Given the chance, they will double cross and deceive you without thinking twice. It is important to protect yourself and your family from the influences of negative people and enemies with evil intentions. Attaining spiritual defense and physical security for those you love can be achieved in a variety of ways.

Protection Tools and Techniques

Amulets and talismans are popular and powerful items to ward off evil. Whether worn on a person or placed at a specific location, these symbols of protection act to divert and block any damage from negatively affecting you. Amulets come in many different shapes and sizes.

The All Seeing Eye Amulet is similar to a Hamsa hand symbol, depicting the eye that offers you protection from evil powers and curses. Embossed with the Mohammedan magic symbol for protection from harm, a Circle of Protection Amulet can be worn around your neck or carried in a mojo bag.

The interwoven pentagram on the Divine Protection Amulet features the Hebrew name for God and is a powerful tool to protect you from all evil and negativity. Intended to protect you from accidents and destroy unwelcome forces before they reach you, a Protection From Accidents Amulet is a helpful charm to carry with you when traveling. When looking to ward off black magic and hexes, a Saturn Seal of Protection Amulet will support your cause.

The Cross of Caravaca has been a popular amulet used in protection rituals which dates back to the early 19th century. On this double-cross-barred crucifix, Jesus is flanked by two angels who are kneeling in prayer. It should be carried or worn to ward off evil. To intensify the strength of this amulet, recite the following prayer as you hold it.

Holy Cross of Caravaca, I take refuge under your mighty power so that your force distances from my life any wrong or illness that may trouble me and retire the pains that afflict me.

Oh, Heavenly Cross, for the power of the good, liberate me from all wrong. Incline the Lord to hear my plea, with which I implore love and understanding for my health.

Guide me, Holy Cross of Caravaca, in the traffic of my terrestrial life and illuminate me. Preserve me in the most dangerous moments of my life, mainly when my health is precarious.

I beg you, blessed Cross, that your support come into to my life and I be well in order to continue maintaining my willpower and my health.


When carried together, a Black Cat and Horseshoe Talisman provides protection from evil. Place these two symbols in a mojo bag, along with an Azabache Hand. Sprinkle some Protection Sachet Powder into the bag. Finally, add some Golden Tiger Eye Tumbled Stones. This stone of protection will look after you when you are traveling and prevent evil from finding you.

If you are looking to activate your personal shield of protection and want to take all of the guess work out of what tools you should acquire, consider a Protection & Peace Kit. This kit includes a wide array of items that will help you close the door on evil and negativity.

To receive strength and protection for your home, cleanse the space with Indian Protection Bath & Floor Wash or Protection Against Enemies Big Al Bath & Floor Wash. Always start in the furthest corner of your home and mop your floors towards the door.

The Power of the Flame

As a candle burns, it emits an energy into the air that casts an aura of security around those who need it. Candle magic is an extremely powerful tool in protection rituals. Anoint a Fiery Wall of Protection Hoo Doo Pillar Candle with Protection Oil. Light the candle in a peaceful place where you can focus your intentions on your desire and the candle can burn safely, without disruption.

A Protect The Family/Yemaya Candle, Spiritual Protection Candle or Guardian Angel 7 Day Saint Candle will all help to protect your family from harm and give you courage in difficult situations. To call upon the powers of protection, light the candle in a dark room. Empty your mind of any distracting thoughts and allow the flame to hypnotize you. Calm your mind and relax your body until your only focus is the warmth of the flame. Once you are completely relaxed, recite this verse:

Lord of the universe, creator of all things,
Bless my home and my body with your light.
Protect me from Hell’s awful rings,
And turn my wrongs into right.

To evoke the spirit of the Indians, the ancient spirits that watch over all of us, light an Indian Protector Candle. Charged with special oils, this hand carved candle will assist you in honoring your Indian spirit so that he may bless and protect you. An Indian Tobacco 7 Day Scented Candle can be lit in addition to your protector candle to magnify its power.

Danger can take many forms. It can reveal itself physically, as when immersed in an unhealthy relationship or unsafe work environment and it can manifest spiritually as a result of someone’s ill wishes towards you. Nothing can substitute the importance of surrounding yourself with safe people and seeking the help of law enforcement when necessary. These tools are meant to be used to strengthen the wall of protection that surrounds you and your loved ones.