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Push Away Negative People and Energy With San Alejo

San Alejo, also known as Saint Alex and Saint Alexius of Rome, is highly revered for his unwavering faith during times of persecution. He is recognized as the patron saint of beggars and is celebrated for his power to drive away enemies, evil, and all forms of negative influences. People seek his protection to shield themselves from those who intend to cause emotional, physical, or spiritual harm.

San Alejo's protection is believed to safeguard individuals and their loved ones from gossipers, abusers, bullies, or any threats to their safety and reputation. His associated color is purple, symbolizing spiritual power and wisdom, and his feast day is observed on August 30th.

To distance yourself from harmful individuals, you can invoke San Alejo’s protection through prayer. Whether you need to remove an abusive partner, an unwelcome guest, or a malevolent spirit from your life or home, praying to San Alejo is believed to ensure their permanent departure. Additionally, San Alejo can be called upon for cleansing and healing after experiencing harm or abuse, helping to restore peace and well-being.

Who Is Saint Alexius of Rome?

Saint Alexius of Rome, also known as San Alejo, is a revered figure known for his humility and unwavering faith. Born into a wealthy Roman family, he was the only child of a rich senator. Despite his privileged upbringing, he felt a deep calling towards a life of poverty and spiritual devotion. His story is one of remarkable sacrifice and dedication to his faith.

San Alejo left his affluent life behind, choosing to live as a beggar. His journey led him to the eastern part of the Roman Empire before his veneration spread to Rome. Legends tell of his commitment to helping the poor and his unwavering faith, even in the face of great personal hardship.

Despite his hardships, San Alejo remained devoted to his faith. He is often invoked for protection against negative influences and for help in recovering from poverty. His life serves as a powerful example of humility and selflessness, inspiring many to seek his intercession for protection and guidance.

San Alejo's legacy is celebrated on his feast day, August 30th, and he is associated with the color purple, symbolizing his spiritual power. His story continues to inspire those who seek to emulate his virtues of humility, faith, and service to others.

Saint alexius of rome

According to legend, Saint Alexius devoted himself to aiding the poor and maintained his steadfast faith despite enduring significant personal hardships.

Invoking The Power of San Alejo

Hold a pinch of San Alejo Sachet Powder in your hand while picturing the results you desire in your head. Then, release the power to the wind, sprinkle it onto the ground, or toss it into a source of running water.

You can also keep evil energies away from your home by sprinkling some of the powder into the four corners of your home or room. You can also direct the energy of the powder by blowing it out of your hand in the direction of a person or place you wish to be protected. Make sure you pray and meditate often on the results you are trying to achieve.

Suppose you are facing a situation where you are unsure who your enemies are, or just simply want to ensure the best outcome by avoiding any potential negative interference. In that case, you can also burn a San Alejo 7 Day Saint Candle, or wear a Saint Alejo Bracelet to help keep your enemies at bay and drive them away from you.

A San Alejo Ritual To Drive Away Enemies

If you have anyone who is working hard to hurt or harm you, you can use the following ritual to protect yourself and get rid of them for good. Remember to only use this spell to drive an individual away from yourself. If you use it for separation with the intent to drive two other people away from each other who do not mean each other any harm, you may bring negative consequences to yourself. This ritual should also be performed while the moon is in a waning phase. For this ritual you will need the following ingredients:

Write the full name of the person you want to drive away from you on the top of the parchment paper in very large letters. Then below that, write the namer smaller, then under that name, smaller again. Continue to do that until on the last line the name is written so small that the letters of the name are only tiny dots.

Using the purple candle, carve in the person's full name from the bottom of the candle upwards toward the wick using the back of a wooden match or a sharp wooden stick. Anoint the candle with San Alejo oil, applying it from the bottom of the candle up toward the wick. You can also put a few drops of San Alejo oil on the parchment paper where you wrote the names.

Place the parchment on a white ceramic or china plate then place the candle on top of it. Place the glass of water next to the plate. Light the candle while thinking about the person you're trying to affect and recite the following prayer...

Oh, glorious San Alejo, you who have the power to dispel all the bad that surrounds the Lord’s chosen, I beg you to keep my enemies away from me.

Keep Satan away from me, the liar, the witchcraft, the sin, the one who brings to harm me: (Say the name of the person you want away from you)

Put me so far from the bad that they shall never see me.

Get me close to the Lord Jesus Christ so that by His divine grace He can shower me with goodness and save me a place in the shade of the Holy Spirit.


Once the candle has completely burned out, dispose of the candle properly. Then place the glass of water on top of your refrigerator or a shelf where it will not be disturbed next to the image of San Alejo.

As time passes you should notice that the subject of your ritual has moved away from your life, or has stopped bothering you. If the subject resists, you can repeat the ritual.

San alejo altar rituals

Purple candles, rue, and rosemary are often used in rituals to petition for the aid of San Alejo.

Ritual to Remove Negative Influences

This ritual focuses on eliminating negative influences from your surroundings, creating a peaceful and protective space. By using San Alejo's power, you can cleanse your environment and safeguard it from harmful energies. Here are the components that you need to gather for this ritual:

Begin by placing the San Alejo candle in a central spot within the room you wish to cleanse. Light the candle, allowing its flame to symbolize the light driving away the darkness.

Hold a pinch of San Alejo sachet powder in your hand, concentrating on the negative energies you want to dispel. Release the powder into the air, letting it scatter and cleanse the space.

Next, sprinkle San Alejo herbs around the candle while softly chanting, "San Alejo, protect and purify this space."

Finally, dip your fingers in the bowl of water and flick droplets around the room, envisioning the water washing away any remaining negativity. Allow the candle to burn for at least an hour, repeating the ritual daily for a week.

Ritual for Personal Protection

This ritual aims to create a shield of protection around yourself, warding off ill intentions and harmful influences. Through the guidance of San Alejo, you can fortify your personal space and ensure safety. Here are the spell components you will need:

Begin by anointing the top of San Alejo candle with San Alejo oil, making sure not to get any oil on the candle's wick.

Write your full name and specific protection request on the piece of paper. Place the paper beneath the candle to anchor your intentions.

Light the candle, focusing on the flame as a beacon of San Alejo's protective power, then, recite the following invocation...

San Alejo,
shield me from all harm and malice,
guard me from those who wish me ill.

Allow the candle to burn continuously for seven days, or for several hours each day if safety is a concern. This ritual will envelop you in a protective barrier, ensuring San Alejo's vigilant presence.

The legacy of San Alejo stands as a testament to the power of unwavering faith and humility. His life story continues to inspire those who seek protection from harm and guidance in times of need.

Through rituals and prayers invoking San Alejo, individuals can find solace and strength, warding off negative influences and ensuring their well-being. As you embrace these practices, may you find the peace and protection that San Alejo offers, guiding you toward a life filled with spiritual strength and serenity.