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Money Drawing Cleansing Water

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The Money Drawing Cleansing Water is the essential tool for manifesting abundance and prosperity into your life. Formulated with a powerful blend of prosperity herbs, crystals, and abundance-boosting essential oils, each drop of the Money Drawing Cleansing Water is a beacon of wealth attraction, drawing in opportunities for prosperity and success.


Embrace the power of abundance and prosperity with the Money Drawing Cleansing Water. Open the floodgates to financial success, abundance, and prosperity, and step into a future filled with limitless opportunities and boundless wealth.

Whether you're seeking to enhance your financial abundance, attract new opportunities, or remove blockages to prosperity, our Money Drawing Cleansing Water is your secret weapon for manifesting your financial dreams. Let its uplifting fragrance and potent energy infuse your surroundings with a sense of wealth and abundance, empowering you to create the prosperous life you deserve.

  • 7.5 oz bottle with flip top cap.
  • Can be added to a sprayer for the cleansing of a space.

How to Use Money Drawing Cleansing Water

  1. Elevate Your Space: Spritz or mist the Money Drawing Cleansing Water around your space to infuse it with positivity, creating an environment for abundance and prosperity.
  2. Aura Enrichment: Gently spray around yourself to cleanse and uplift your aura, fostering a sense of positivity and vibrancy.
  3. Object Blessing: Use it to bless and harmonize sacred objects or altars, infusing them with uplifting energies for positive vibrations.
  4. Meditative Application: During meditation or energy work, mist the area to invite positive energies, promoting a harmonious flow throughout your space.