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EKO Miel Rosada (Pink Honey)

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EKO Miel Rosada (Pink Honey) has been cherished for generations for its rich taste and its role in folk remedies, from soothing skin irritations and sore throats to aiding teething babies. Holding deep spiritual significance, this honey has graced sacred ceremonies and nourished both skin and culinary traditions.


For generations, EKO Miel Rosada (Pink Honey) has been revered not only for its delightful taste but also for its role in traditional customs and remedies. Many have leaned on Miel Rosada as a trusted folk remedy, turning to its soothing properties to alleviate minor ailments ranging from skin irritations to sore throats. Interestingly, its gentle composition has also made it a favored choice for providing relief to teething babies and easing their discomfort.

On a spiritual level, this honey has been imbued with profound significance, often finding its way into sacred ceremonies, and rituals, and as treasured offerings to the divine. Beyond its therapeutic and spiritual facets, Miel Rosada's legacy extends to skincare and culinary traditions.

As with all honey, to maintain its essence and potency, it's advised to store Miel Rosada in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. In embracing Miel Rosada, you are not just indulging in honey, but immersing yourself in a legacy of traditional wisdom and practices.

  • 100% Pure Miel Rosada (Pink Honey)
  • 1 oz. Bottle

Para Que Sirve La Miel Rosa?

La Miel Rosada ha sido valorada durante generaciones por sus propiedades únicas. Tradicionalmente, ha sido utilizada en remedios caseros para aliviar irritaciones de la piel y dolores de garganta. Además, es conocida por ser un suave remedio para aliviar las molestias de los bebés durante la dentición. Su composición delicada y su rica tradición la hacen un tesoro en la cultura popular.