Sending healing energy spells

How to Send Healing Energy To Others

There are many rituals available for healing yourself -- from candle spells, to guided meditations, to full ceremonies. How can you use this powerful energy to help others, especially those who are far away? Fortunately, the same practices you use for regular healing can be modified to provide distant healing as well.

Distant Healing Crystal Grids

Among crystal healers and energy workers, grids are a very popular way to send distant healing. The idea is simple: You set up an arrangement of specific stones, and their energies then work together toward the outcome you want.

For healing a person, you will want to start with a photo of them, object that belongs to them, or even just their name written on a piece of parchment. For a very simple grid, you can place four quartz points in a circle around the representation of the person. You would then use another quartz point or crystal wand to activate the grid by directing the energy in a clockwise motion, as if you were stirring a pot, while visualizing this person's condition improving.

That is all that is necessary for a very simple grid. However, you can also add fresh flowers, other crystals, shells, or curios that are relevant to your intention. For example, black tourmaline is grounding and protective, citrine is optimistic and joyful, and moonstone is said to help soothe and balance emotions. You can also print out and use a sacred geometry crystal grid template, or follow your intuition to create a beautiful, unique arrangement. The important thing is that you trust that the energy you build up here will make it to its intended recipient.

A Distant Healing Candle Spell

If you want to use a candle spell to provide distant healing for a person or situation, the first step is to choose a candle of the right color. For healing, this usually means blue. For healing heartbreak specifically, you might wish to use pink. For healing melancholy, orange might be better. If you are not sure which to use, white is considered universal since white is technically the presence of all other colors. Male or female image candles can be especially helpful for spells to heal people, since their shapes tie them to the target of the spell.

Next, dress your candle. For general healing spells, Healing oil works. (You can also research the properties of different herbs and choose an appropriate essential oil.) You may also wish to roll the candle in crushed herbs with healing properties, like lavender buds, peppermint leaves, powdered angelica root, or eucalyptus leaf.

Now you can carve your target's name or other symbols into the candle. This can be the name of a person, a place, or a situation. Use the tip of a pin, quartz crystal, or knife for best results.

Hold the candle in both hands, and visualize it filling with warm light. Picture your target vibrant, happy, and healthy. When you feel the candle has absorbed all it can, stop, set it down, and shake out your hands.

Light the candle and allow it to burn completely. (If you need to leave it unattended, snuff it out and light it again later.)

Sending Healing Energy

You can also send healing energy through concentration, by visualizing your target in perfect health.

If you wish, you can help yourself get into a meditative mental state by lighting a white candle, and sandalwood or frankincense and myrrh incense.

Take three deep, slow breaths. Begin to picture the person, place, or situation in need of help. Feel a connection to your target in your heart center. Then, visualize yourself sending soft, warm energy toward this target. See them becoming healthy, happy, and whole again. Maintain this for as long as you can, before ending the visualization and opening your eyes.

Doll Magic

Dolls, or poppets, are a kind of sympathetic magic. You make a cloth doll as a representation of the person in need of healing, then work with it. For this, you will need:

Trace and cut out a basic "gingerbread man" figure from the cloth. Sew it along the outside edges, leaving an opening about 2" in length. Turn the doll inside out, so the seams are hidden. Place the hair, nail clippings, photo, or name paper inside, and stuff the rest with the healing herbs. Sew the opening shut. (If you are using a pre-made doll, you can either skip this step or open the doll and re-stuff it with the herbs and symbols of your choice.)

Next, name the doll after the spell's target and dedicate it as a healing tool. Draw a circle around the area affected by the ailment. If you wish, you can call on deities of healing, nature spirits, or other helpers to aid you. Picture the spell's target fully healed, and hold on to this image in your mind as you pierce the drawn-on circle with the pin.

Keep the doll in a safe place until the healing is complete.

All too often, we hear of people or situations in desperate need of healing that are too far away for us to help directly. These methods allow you to direct healing energy their way, no matter how distant you might be.