How to make honey jar spell jar

How To Make a Honey Jar For Love & Abundance

In this instructive video, Lulu shares the wisdom of creating a Honey Jar to attract positive energy, abundance, and love. Lulu explains the purpose of a Honey Jar and emphasizes the importance of determining the specific area of life one desires to infuse with sweetness and positivity. For the demonstration, Lulu focuses on creating a Honey Jar for love and relationships.

To create a Honey Jar, gather a small glass jar with a tight-fitting lid, raw or organic honey, parchment paper, a pen, and additional items aligned with the desired outcome. Pour honey into the jar, filling it about two-thirds of the way, while visualizing it as a symbol of sweetness and positive energy. Write the intention on parchment paper, fold it, and insert it into the jar, infusing it with positive energy.

Add any additional items, such as herbs, crystals, or symbols relevant to the desire. Seal the jar with a tight lid, and optionally, seal it with red candle wax for a love-related Honey Jar.

These Honey Jars act as magnets or spell batteries, attracting what one desires over the long term. Keep the jar in a safe and sacred place, ensuring no one disturbs it. Examples of suitable locations include the bedroom or a personal altar, exclusively for personal use.

With Lulu's guidance, viewers gain insights into creating a Honey Jar and harnessing its magnetic energy to manifest desires.