Magnetic grains 20750

Magnetic Grains for Business

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Sprinkle these grains inside of your business to draw customers and financial success to your business. Sprinkle the grains in front of the entrance and in the corners of your establishment or home office and watch as your business grows.


Magnetic Grains are powerful tools that can be used to attract success and prosperity to your business. These grains, made of high-quality magnetite, are said to possess a natural magnetic energy that can help draw positive energy and abundance towards you and your business. Simply place the Magnetic Grains in a strategic location in your office or workspace, such as near your cash register or in your office, to tap into their energy and enhance your business prospects. The compact size of the Magnetic Grains makes them easy to use and transport, and their natural appearance means that they can blend in with any decor. Whether you're a small business owner or a seasoned professional, Magnetic Grains are a simple and effective way to bring success and abundance to your work life.

  • 2oz Jar