Better business spells rituals

Rituals to Bring More Money into Your Business

You have a business plan. You have things to sell. You have a business space, whether it is a store, office, or just a desk in your home. Only one question remains -- how do you bring in customers and ensure your prosperity and success? You could hire expensive experts to help you, but that can only go so far. For a special, unexpected edge over your competitors, you can use spells and rituals to better your business.

Step 1: Send out the bad energy, bring in the good.

The first step to a better business is ensuring that it is the kind of place people enjoy visiting. Even if you work from home, make your workspace a place you want to be. Straighten it up, eliminate clutter, sweep or vacuum thoroughly. Open the windows to let fresh air in and send stale energy out. Burn some sage, bay leaves, or frankincense and myrrh incense to purify the space. Then, thoroughly mop your floors with warm water mixed with some Better Buisness Bath & Floor Wash. Need to draw in customers? Try using some Crowd Bath & Floor Wash instead.

Step 2: Set up a prosperity altar.

An altar does not have to be fancy. It can be a small place you decorate with a few objects that relate to your success, like:

To make a simple better business sweetening jar, take a small jar and fill it with irish moss, five finger grass, your business card, play money or chocolate coins, and honey or syrup. Add the ingredients to the jar, screw the lid on tightly, and tie with a red ribbon. Keep it somewhere safe to draw in new business.

Step 3: Keep the energy fresh.

One sale will not make a business successful, and one spell is not going to ensure your prosperity. Keep the energy in your workplace fresh by doing magical work regularly:

Be sure to set up a Better Business candle, along with a glass of fresh water mixed with sugar. Light the candle, and pray for your business to succeed. If you wish, chant,

"Business, business, come to me.
My cash flow multiplies, three times three."

Repeat this ritual any time your work begins to slow down.

Step 4: Bring your best self.

Attracting customers will not help if you are not prepared to do your best work. Every day before work, sit quietly to clear your mind of any stress or tension that might affect the way you talk to customers. Take a spiritual bath with Finance & Business Big Al Bath & Floor Wash. Dab on some Mucha Gente Perfume before beginning work to help bring in crowds of customers and win them over. Wear or carry green aventurine, garnet, and your business card dressed with Finance oil in a green mojo bag to increase your luck, creativity, and self-confidence in business deals.

Customers can be fickle, but they are the lifeblood of any business. Allowing you or your workplace's energy to stagnate does not just affect its success on an energetic level, it actually makes it seem dingy and less attractive to potential clients. By making your workplace more appealing, maintaining a prosperity altar, keeping your business' energy fresh and bright, and always showing up to work ready to succeed, you can help your business grow.