Protecting marriage spells rituals

Spells and Rituals to Save Your Marriage

Have you ever felt like your marriage might be losing its "spark"? Have you ever worried that your partner is no longer as committed as they once were? Good marriages take work in order to keep both partners feeling secure, loved, and attracted to each other. Luckily, spells and rituals can give you a little boost when it comes to keeping your marriage safe and your partner interested.

Healing a Wounded Marriage

Sometimes, marriages suffer because of a breach in trust. Without trust, the foundation of the partnership begins to crumble. After all, how can you love someone you do not trust? Unfortunately, this can also make it difficult to do the work of healing the marriage. In that case, this spell can help:

You will need a pink Face to Face Lovers candle, a white 7 Knob candle, dried lavender, balm of Gilead buds, and Union oil.

First, write or carve the name of each partner on the base of the Lovers candle, then cut the base in half to separate the two figures. Anoint each figure with Union oil, and place them at either end of your altar space. In the center, place the white candle surrounded by the lavender and balm of Gilead buds.

Light the white candle. As you do so, say,

"What harm was done, now undo,
Return to us a love that's true."

Allow the candle to burn through one of the knobs. As it burns, sit and meditate on what went wrong, and what steps are needed to fix it. Repeat this spell for seven days, moving the two figure candles closer together each day. On the seventh day, place the two figure candles together, and light them so their wax will mingle, making them one again. Remember -- this spell will make reconciliation easier, but you still have to put in the work to rebuild your relationship!

Deepen Attraction

If you feel that you or your partner are no longer as attracted to each other as you once were, you can rekindle the spark. Take a spiritual bath in Come to Me bath & Floor wash, and finish with some Come to Me cologne (you can also use some male or female pheromone for an extra kick). Dress a red (for passion) male or female gender candle with Adam and Eve oil or Attraction Oil, and burn. Burning a Passion & Seduction candle will help give you a little leg up when it comes to seducing your partner and rekindling their interest.

Protect a Love from Outside Forces

Sometimes, nothing is really wrong with a marriage -- you just want to protect what you have. Take a pair of red mojo bags, anoint them with a little Marriage oil, and place an Adam or Eve root (or Adam and Adam, or Eve and Eve) in each one. A male lover should carry the bag with the Adam root, and a female lover should carry the bag with the Eve root. Wear a Protect Your Marriage bracelet to help keep your lover faithful.

Keep a Lover Faithful

Afraid your spouse might stray? No worries, you can work secretly to keep them true to you and only you. Create a love altar set with fresh flowers (especially red roses), a Miel de Amor candle, and tokens of your love, like photographs of the two of you. Burn the candle regularly, as you meditate and imagine a string of red, glowing energy uniting both you and your partner. Wear a Tame Your Lover amulet anointed with some Stay Home oil. Women should carry a sprig of rosemary tied with a lock of their lovers' hair to ensure faithfulness, while those looking to keep a man faithful should also wear a little Amarra Hombre perfume.

Good marriages take work, in both a mundane and magical sense. There is no substitute for trust, love, and good communication, but these spells, charms, and rituals can help you repair a marriage, reignite the spark you felt for your lover, protect your love, and keep your partner faithful to you.