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Jinx Removing Kit

Jinx Removing Intention Kit

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Dispel negative influences and restore harmony to your life with the Jinx Removing Intention Kit. Each element in this kit has been carefully selected to support your spiritual practice, empower your intentions, and create an environment conducive to growth and positivity.


Our Jinx Removing Intentions Kit is the perfect gift that will help guide someone to dispel jinxes, obstacles, and unwanted influences from their life. Our herbal oils are made from a curated blend of oils used for each their intended intention. Create your own ritual by anointing items with the oil, burning the specially chosen sage bundle and creating a harmonious environment apt for your intention to come to life!

Jinx Removing Intention Kit Includes:

  • White Sage with Copal Smudge Stick Bundle: Harness the purifying properties of white sage to cleanse your space, ridding it of stagnant energies and dispelling negativity.
  • 10mL Jinx Removing Herbal Oil: A potent blend of meticulously selected ingredients crafted to dissolve negative energies and restore balance to your spiritual being.
  • 4″ Selenite Wand: Embrace the calming and protective energies of selenite. This crystal serves as a beacon of light, aiding in cleansing your aura and surroundings.
  • Palo Santo Stick: Infuse your space with the sweet, grounding aroma of Palo Santo. Use it to invite positive energies, enhance clarity, and remove obstacles.

How to Use:

  1. Prepare Your Space: Light the White Sage with Copal Smudge Stick, allowing the fragrant smoke to cleanse your environment, setting the stage for positive energies.
  2. Anoint with Herbal Oil: Apply a few drops of the Jinx Removing Herbal Oil to yourself, candles, amulets, talismans and mojo bags.
  3. Harness Selenite's Power: Use the Selenite Wand to trace circles or patterns around yourself, reinforcing your intentions and surrounding yourself with a shield of positivity.
  4. Palo Santo Purification: Burn the Palo Santo Stick to clear your mind, fostering a calm and centered state essential for making informed decisions.