Hex Spells That Work

Hex Removal Spells That Destroy Negative Energy

Hexes can show up in a lot of different ways. For the most part, you may feel like you are suffering from bad luck or have an overwhelming feeling of negativity that casts a shadow over your life. It may seem like nothing goes your way, or like you always experience the worst possible outcome in any situation. You might even know exactly who hexed you and why.

Sometimes, it is also a good idea to perform regular hex removal even if you do not think you currently have a hex on you. This can help you get rid of any negative energy that has been sent your way. Here are three simple and effective hex removal spells:

1. Make yourself a body double.

You can use sympathetic magic to destroy a hex by creating a "double" of yourself. Traditionally, it is common to use an egg. Obtain a very fresh, unfertilized egg laid before noon by a black hen. Rub the egg all over your body, head to toe. Place it in a paper bag and set it under your bed. The next morning, take the egg out, rub it over your body again, then put it back. Continue this for seven days. If you notice the bag moving, do not open it. On the seventh day, dispose of the bag without opening it. For best results, get rid of it as far from your home as possible.

If you do not have access to an egg like that, you can also make a poppet. Use a black doll (black is useful for banishing) of the corresponding gender. Open it up and stuff it with some of your hair, nail clippings, or other personal concerns. Decorate the doll to resemble you. Treat it as you would the egg to transfer the hex from you to the doll. After the hex is transferred, destroy it by burning or burying it.

2. Wash the hex away.

Water has incredible cleansing power, both physically and metaphysically. Simply immersing yourself in a naturally flowing body of water can be very powerful. For hex breaking, you may want to create a special, intentional bath.

You can use a pre-made one, like Jinx Killer bath and floor wash or Condition bath salt. Take a shower or bath as you normally would, then re-fill your tub or a large basin. Add the pre-made bath or bath salt to the water, then either immerse yourself or pour it over your whole body.

You can also make your own bath. Steep hyssop and rue in some hot water, as if you were making tea. Strain the herbs out and add the liquid to a bath or basin of fresh water. Stir in some sea salt, then immerse yourself or pour the water over you.

3. Destroy it with fire.

Water cleanses, and fire destroys. You can break a hex by using a flame to burn it up. There are several ways to do this:

  • Write your troubles on a bay leaf, then burn it in a fireproof bowl.
  • Hold your hands over a Condition candle and visualize all of the energy of the hex draining into it. Light the candle. As it burns, the power of the hex will melt away. Let the candle burn completely as long as it is safe to do so, then dispose of the remains far from your home.
  • Create a representation of your curse. This can be a list of the problems it has caused you or a drawing of it as a monster or some other harmful being. Make a bonfire outside. Throw in handfuls of unhexing herbs (like hyssop and rue) or some Jinx Removing incense powder. When you are ready, crumple up the representation of your curse and hurl it into the flames.
  • Use smoke cleansing. Burn some Jinx Removing incense and waft the smoke over your entire body, head to toe. Picture the hex being carried away in the smoke.

It is important to remember that hexes take up energetic space. Once you have removed a hex or jinx, fill that space with blessings and positive energy instead.

For most people, a simple run of bad luck does not mean that they have been hexed. In some cases, it does. You can use these simple spells at any time to help shed any malevolent energy that has been directed toward you, so you can go on living with happiness, success, and prosperity.