Manteca de corojo palm oil

Manteca de Corojo (Palm Oil)

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Manteca Corojo, or Palm Oil, is used to anoint the Orishas - Eleguá, Ogún, and Ochosi. It is also commonly used to attract luck and love, provide protection, and for opening your road.

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Manteca Corojo, also known as Palm Oil, is a popular ingredient used in Santeria rituals and spells. It is believed to possess powerful spiritual properties. In Santeria, Manteca Corojo is often used to dress candles, as it is believed to increase the effectiveness of spells and to amplify the energies of the candle. The oil is also used to anoint the skin and to make offerings to the Orishas, the spiritual forces worshipped in Santeria. Some practitioners use Manteca Corojo as a part of their daily spiritual practice, while others reserve its use for specific rituals and spells. Regardless of how it is used, Manteca Corojo is considered a powerful tool in the practice of Santeria.

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