Calabash (Hicara)

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Calabashes, also known as gourds, have multiple uses in spiritual practices such as holding offerings, divination, protection, representing abundance, and as musical instruments or cultural symbols in ceremonies.

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In various spiritual practices, calabashes, also known as gourds or hicaras, are used for a variety of rituals and ceremonies. Some common uses of calabashes in spirituality include:

  • Container for offerings: Calabashes may be used as a container for offerings, such as food or drinks, that are made to the gods or spirits.
  • Divination: Calabashes may be used as a tool for divination, such as reading the shells of nuts or the patterns of seeds inside the gourd.
  • Protection: Calabashes may be used as a talisman to provide protection against negative energies and spirits.
  • Symbol of abundance: Calabashes may symbolize abundance and prosperity, and may be placed in a home or business to attract these qualities.
  • Ceremonial use: Calabashes may be used as a musical instrument, as a part of religious or spiritual ceremonies, or as a symbol of cultural heritage.

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