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Horehound Herb

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Horehound is utilized in protection pouches and carried as a safeguard against witchcraft and enchantment. It is also dispersed as a herb for exorcism. Consuming an herbal tea made from horehound will improve mental clarity and enhance cognitive abilities, as well as bolster mental strength.

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Horehound herb has been used in various rituals and spiritual practices, including:

Protection: Horehound is often carried in sachets or pouches to guard against sorcery and fascination.

Exorcism: Horehound is sometimes scattered as an exorcism herb, believed to purify and cleanse negative energies.

Mental clarity: Drinking an infusion of horehound is said to clear the mind and promote quick thinking.

Strengthening mental powers: Horehound is believed to strengthen the mental powers and improve cognitive abilities.

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