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Protection from Jealousy and Envy

Having jealous or envious people in your life is more than just unpleasant -- it can be dangerous. Without even meaning to, the negative energy produced by these feelings can create problems in your life. In many cultures, envious looks are part of the "evil eye," the power to cast a curse on someone with a glance. The evil eye is a source of bad luck and crossed conditions.

Regularly cleansing yourself from negative or unwanted energy is important, but it is equally important to make sure you are protected. Fortunately, there are many spells, rituals, and talismans you can use to keep jealous people out of your life, and turn envious looks away from you.

Protective Talismans, Charms, and Gestures

Talismans to protect against jealousy, envy, and the evil eye are called "apotropaic talismans." This means that they turn away evil and harm. Many of these take the form of an eye, to misdirect the malevolent gaze. You can wear an evil eye necklace or bracelet the way you would any other piece of jewelry, and allow it to redirect negative energy. You can also hang an Against Evil Eye talisman in your home.

Eyes are not the only symbols that have power to disrupt the evil eye. Some talismans feature a cross, to split the eye, or a hook, to destroy its power. Some combine the power to stop the evil eye with luck-drawing symbols, like horseshoes, images of Saint Michael, or elephants, clovers, and other luck charms. Peony seeds bring luck and help thwart the evil eye, and are made into bracelets for protection.

Some people use verbal charms, like saying "contra" when confronted with bad luck. Others use gestures, like the "sign of the horns." This is performed by pointing the index and pinky fingers, while holding the middle and ring fingers against the palm with the thumb. Still others touch wood, iron, or their noses to invoke protection and avoid misfortune.

Protect Your Home

If you bring someone into your home who is jealous of you, you may be inviting in the evil eye. Protect your house, possessions, and the people you love by shoring up your defenses against envy with a simple ritual.

First, sweep all of the dust and dirt out of your home from back to front. Next, mop your floors with Against Envy Bath & Floor Wash. While it dries, place an Against Envy candle in the heart of your home (for most people, this will be the kitchen or living room). Dress the top of the candle with one drop of Against Envy oil, and light it. As the candle burns, sit quietly and picture the walls of your home shining with a protective golden light. Say,

"No jealousy or envy may enter here.
All who dwell here are safe within these walls.
This is my will, so it must be."

Follow this by hanging a talisman against the evil eye, or anointing your talismans with a drop of the oil and reaffirming their purpose. You can repeat this ritual for seven days. If you know an envious or malicious person will be coming to your home, repeat it early on the day you expect them to arrive.

Protect Yourself

People can envy your money, clothing, and good looks -- even something as simple as your hair. If you know you may be going out among people who are jealous of you, take a few steps to protect yourself first.

Begin with a spiritual bath. Fill a tub with fresh water, and add some Against Envy Bath & Floor Wash. Immerse yourself completely, allowing your skin to absorb the properties of the herbs, and picture yourself surrounded by a bubble of white light. Step out of the bath, and allow yourself to air dry.

When you are ready, anoint yourself with Against Evil Eye perfume. You may also wish to put on some protective jewelry, like a gold or silver-colored bracelet. (Or, if you need to be subtle, an ankle bracelet.) Say,

"No envious looks or evil eye come my way,
Wherever I go, I am protected today."

Living humbly is one way to protect yourself against envy and jealousy, but this does not always work. If you are surrounded by envious people and want to protect yourself from the evil eye, these talismans and rituals can help you make sure that you, your home, and your loved ones are safe from misfortune.