Hops Flowers

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Hops are predominantly used for sleep due to their natural soporific qualities, and sleeping with hops in a pillow is said to ensure peaceful sleep, mitigate insomnia, and prevent nightmares.

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The use of hops for magical purposes is largely rooted in their soporific qualities and their ability to promote peaceful sleep. It is said that sleeping on a pillow filled with hops can help to mitigate insomnia and prevent nightmares, providing the sleeper with a more restful and restorative night's sleep.

In addition to promoting physical healing through restful sleep, hops are also believed to have spiritual healing properties. It is customary to carry hops on one's person to tap into their protective and restorative powers.

Hops also hold a special place in Celtic mythology. They are associated with wolves, winter, the underworld, the goddess Brighid, and the Imbolc celebration. The intricate connections between hops, the natural world, and the spiritual realm serve to further solidify their importance in the realm of magic and healing.

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