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Powerful Herbs for Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Herbs are powerful spiritual and emotional allies. Some of them contain beneficial medicinal compounds that can help with mood, while others act on a sensory and energetic level. The sense of smell, in particular, is powerfully associated with these emotions. If you are in need of emotional and spiritual healing, consider working with one of these herbs:


Chamomile is used to reduce stress and anxiety. The flowers have a light, fruity aroma, almost like apples, and they are considered a powerful emotional healer in aromatherapy. Some traditions consider it a solar herb, so it is also associated with positivity, optimism, and joy. Use this herb in washes, baths, teas, and sachets to soothe and heal the emotions, and attract happy feelings.


Cinnamon has a sweet, warming aroma. It is said to increase spiritual energy by raising vibrations, brings in solar energy, and elevates mood. This herb is a wonderful addition to incenses or other preparations for healing creative blocks and increasing positive emotions. Be cautious using cinnamon powder around open flames -- it can be very flammable.


Eucalyptus is used in poppets and hung over sick beds for healing of all kinds. The leaves are also a wonderful addition to energy cleansing baths. The fragrance is strong, but refreshing, and helps clear the mind. It can assist with spiritual and emotional healing by removing negative energy, promoting balance, calming agitation, and helping with focus and insight.


Fennel seed is used in spells for protection from the law, but it also has a reputation as an emotionally healing herb. It is particularly useful for people who tend to work themselves to the bone for others. When prepared as an infusion, it provides encouragement and feelings of spiritual rest.


Scented geraniums have an earthy floral scent that is used in aromatherapy to help fight against stress and anxiety. Magically, it is used as a love herb, which makes it useful in workings for self-love and compassion. A necklace of geranium flowers is also said to improve mental and emotional health. Use fragrant geranium oil in any working to help lift your spirits or reduce your emotional burdens. Spiritually, it helps with hex-breaking.


Hibiscus is used as a love herb, but it is helpful for more than just passion. It can help increase feelings of self-love, compassion, and forgiveness. This flower also helps you tap into your energetically sensitive nature, making you more perceptive to the spiritual happenings around you. Use this when you need to heal from self-doubt or shame.


Lavender is one of the best-known spiritually and emotionally healing herbs, for good reason. The fragrance is relaxing and refreshing, and the herb itself cleanses negative energy, brings peaceful vibrations, and promotes love and harmony. If you are suffering from stress in your life, working with lavender can help you clear away negativity, increase your spiritual understanding, and rejuvenate yourself.


Like lavender, lemon is one of the best-known healing plants. Spiritually, lemons and lemon oil clear away negative energy and attract the positive. Emotionally, they boost feelings of optimism and joy. It has a very refreshing, bright aroma that helps lift the vibrations of any room in which it is used. Some practitioners recommend keeping a whole or sliced raw lemon in your home. When it dries out, replace it with a fresh one. If it gets moldy instead of drying, it is time to perform an energy cleanse.


Peppermint is considered a helpful herb for healing and opening the solar plexus chakra, which is the seat of confidence and willpower. If you are suffering from emotional trauma that has left you with low self-esteem, working with this healing herb can be helpful. The fragrance is also cleansing and said to increase feelings of motivation, enthusiasm, and creativity.


Roses are many people's go-to love herbs. These flowers are said to resonate with the heart chakra, healing and balancing it to help increase love and compassion. Rose oil is also useful in workings for self-love, helping to heal emotional trauma, remove self-doubt, enhance empathy, and increasing feelings of inner peace. Roses are also said to have the highest spiritual vibration of all plants.


Rosemary is a versatile evergreen herb. It is used for energy cleansing, protection, focus, memory, love, and solar energy. Use the leaves in baths and floor washes for spiritual healing and cleansing. Breathe in the fragrance to help clear the mind, enhance concentration, and increase feelings of optimism. Rosemary is a wonderful healing herb for clearing negative thoughts and energy, and replacing them with positivity.

Herbs are a versatile magical tool. You can use their leaves, flowers, or oils in anything you desire. Even simply growing them near your home can have spiritual and emotional benefits! If you are in the need of spiritual or emotional healing, these specific herbal allies are just waiting to help you.