Guanabana leaves

Soursop Leaves (Hojas de Guanabana)

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Guanabana leaves, also known as soursop, are a powerful spiritual tool known for their protective and healing properties. Used in spiritual practices such as smudging, dream work, and meditation, these leaves provide cleansing, protection, and grounding effects while promoting vivid and insightful dreams.


Guanabana leaves are used in various spiritual practices for their believed healing and protective properties. Some common spiritual uses of guanabana leaves include:

Cleansing: Guanabana leaves are often used in smudging rituals to cleanse and purify negative energy.

Protection: Guanabana leaves are believed to provide spiritual protection and ward off negative energy.

Healing: In traditional medicine, guanabana leaves are used for their healing properties and to alleviate physical and emotional pain.

Dream work: Guanabana leaves are sometimes used to promote vivid and insightful dreams, making them useful in dream work and spiritual healing.

Spirituality: Guanabana leaves are often used to enhance spiritual practices, such as meditation and yoga, for their grounding and uplifting effects.

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