Hawthorne berry

Hawthorne Berry

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Hawthorn Berry is often used in various magical and spiritual rituals for its properties of love, protection, and healing. In folklore and pagan practices, it is used in spells related to the heart, such as attracting love and improving relationships, as well as for protection and to ward off negative energy.

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The Hawthorn plant, said to have formed the crown of thorns placed on Jesus' head, has a long history of being viewed as sacred and symbolizing renewal. It is used for cardiovascular health through teas or wines that reduce blood pressure and improve circulation, and as a tea with honey, it can soothe sore throats. Magically, it is used for protection and purification, brewed as tea and sprinkled around the home to repel evil spirits, and added to mop water to purify the home. Wearing hawthorn berries as an amulet and placing them on your altar can attract luck and happiness.

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