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5 Ways to Clear Your Aura and Cleanse Negativity

Your aura is how your energy interacts with the world. Take your right index finger, and hold it above the palm of your left hand. Close your eyes. If you pay attention, you will "feel" the tip of your finger long before it ever touches your palm. This is because your body's energetic field extends beyond the surface of your skin.

Your aura also helps filter out negative energies. This means that it should be cleansed, healed, and strengthened regularly in order to keep it healthy. Here are some simple ways to keep your aura clear:

1. Use a crystal point.

You can use an amethyst or quartz crystal point to clear your aura very quickly and easily. This technique also works very well with selenite wands. Imagine your aura as a big, puffy coat that covers your entire body from head to toe. Hold the crystal the same way you would a lint roller, and gently brush it over you a few inches from your skin. When you feel you need to, give the crystal a shake to remove any lingering energies from it, then continue brushing. Be sure to work over your entire body, including under your arms and over the top of your head.

2. Perform a smoke cleansing.

Traditions around the world have used herbs for energy clearing for millennia. The technique for this is pretty simple: You burn the herbs, either alone or on charcoal, and waft the smoke over your body using a fan, your hands, or a feather.

There are a variety of herbs that work for this purpose. Among the people native to the western United States, white sage is sacred. In South America, palo santo is used. In Europe, herbs like lavender, juniper, rosemary, or bay leaves were traditional. On the Arabian Peninsula, frankincense and myrrh continue to be important medicinal and spiritual ingredients. You can choose your cleansing herbs according to your tradition, or select the ones that you feel the most drawn to.

3. Try an aura-clearing bath ritual.

Baths are a good way to absorb the benefits of herbs and crystals, but they can also be used to take negative energy away. To do this properly, you should take a bath or shower to make sure you are physically clean first.

Next, you can choose to make your own cleansing bath, or work with a pre-made one like Spiritual Cleansing Big Al Bath & Floor Wash. If you choose to make your own, create a blend of cleansing herbs and brew them the way you would a tea. When they are done steeping, strain out the herbs and save the liquid.

Fill your bath with fresh water. Add the cleansing bath of your choice, and stir the water with your dominant hand. Step in and dunk yourself completely under the water -- you want to make sure that the cleansing ingredients come in contact with your entire body. Visualize the water drawing away any negative energy attached to your aura, and filling in any irregularities in your energy field. When you feel ready, step out of the bath. You can allow the water to drain away, or take it outside and throw it over your shoulder, toward the rising sun.

4. Use visualization.

This is a good exercise to do every day, either before leaving the house or before going to bed. Find a calm, peaceful area where you will not be disturbed. Set a Spiritual Cleansing Custom Big Al candle nearby.

Light the candle, and sit comfortably where you can see it. Visualize your aura around your body like the candle's flame, warm and glowing. Take a moment to take stock of its shape, thickness, and color. Is it one color, or many? Are there any gaps or holes? Can you detect any negative energy clinging to it?

Once you know what your aura looks like, take a deep breath. Imagine that you are breathing in positive energy. When you exhale, send this energy through your skin, to your aura. Picture it pushing away any negative energy, and healing any damaged parts. When you feel that your aura is clear and healthy once again, snuff the candle and go on about your day.

5. Ask your guardian angels or spirit guides for help.

If you do not know what to do, you can always ask for help! Your guardian angels, ancestors, and spirit guides are always available to aid you in clearing, strengthening, and protecting your aura. Simply take a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and sincerely ask them for what you need.

You may wish to make a small altar to them. Set it with a cloth, a white candle, a glass of water, and any other images or adornments that seem appropriate. Depending on your tradition, you might also want to decorate it with an incense burner, offering bowl, or vase for fresh flowers. Spirits appreciate gifts in exchange for their help, just like anyone else!

Each day, take a moment to acknowledge the spirits around you. Change the water in the glass, light the candle and some incense, and ask them to clear and protect your energy field. When you feel ready, snuff the candle (and incense, if need be) and thank the spirits for their help.

Clearing your aura is a small spiritual exercise, but it is very important. Doing this every day will not only help keep your aura strong, it will strengthen your abilities to visualize and manipulate energy. Choose whichever method appeals to you the most, and take a few minutes each morning or evening to put it into practice.