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The Helecho plant grows along streams, lakes, and wet meadowlands. Lecho de Rio in Spanish means the bottom (bed) of the river. You can use this plant honoring Deity Ochun in baths for love and drawing harmony into your life. Many people also use this to cleanse the soul of negativity. Great for realigning your Chakras.

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The Helecho plant can commonly be found growing along streams, lakes, and wet meadowlands, and its Spanish name "Lecho de Rio" translates to "bed of the river". Some people use this plant in spiritual practices to honor Deity Ochun, by adding it to baths as a means to attract love and harmony into their lives. It is also believed to have purifying properties that help to cleanse the soul of negativity and can be useful in realigning one's Chakras.

  • Prepare this spiritual bath by steeping the herbs in boiling water for 10 minutes, straining the mixture, letting the liquid cool, and pouring it over the body while standing in a wash tub.
  • Sweet Herb
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