7 Chakra Resin

7 Chakras Resin Incense

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Experience spiritual alignment with 7 Chakra Resin Incense. Carefully curated to resonate with each of your body's energy centers, this exquisite blend of resins offers a holistic journey towards balance, vitality, and inner harmony.


Embrace the holistic benefits of our 7 Chakra Resin Incense, offering a transformative journey towards spiritual alignment and balance.
This resin encapsulates the essence of the seven chakras, promoting balance, alignment, and rejuvenation within your spiritual energy. Immerse yourself in a fragrant journey that harmonizes with each chakra, guiding you towards balance and vitality.

  • 1 oz bag
  • Must be burned on top of charcoal

How To Use 7 Chakras Resin Incense

  1. Prepare Your Space: Place a piece of charcoal in a heat-resistant burner. Light the charcoal and then place a few pieces of resin on top of the charcoal. This will release its aromatic essence.
  2. Focus and Relax: Engage in deep breathing or meditation as the fragrant smoke rises, visualizing the alignment and revitalization of each chakra.
  3. Chakra Balancing Ritual: Incorporate these resins into your energy work or meditation sessions to amplify and balance the flow of energy within your chakras.