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Fennel (Hinojo) Oil

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Use Fennel Oil (Aciete de Hinojo) for purification, protection and to boost concentration and psychic skills. It's a valuable tool in spiritual and metaphysical rituals!

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Fennel oil is often used to purify and cleanse spaces, objects, and individuals. It is believed to remove negative energies and influences, making it a useful addition to spiritual cleansing rituals. You can use it to anoint candles, crystals, or tools used in your spiritual practice.

Fennel oil is associated with protective qualities and is believed to create a shield against malevolent forces. Some practitioners use it to anoint doorways, windows, or other entry points to their home to ward off negative energies or unwanted influences.

Some people use fennel oil to enhance their psychic vision and clairvoyant abilities. It may be applied to the forehead or used in a diffuser during psychic development exercises or rituals. It can also aid in concentration so use when studying or at school.

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