Back to school spiritual

Spiritual Preparation for Back to School

Starting or returning to school can make anybody anxious. Not only does it break your summer routine, it means you have to go through quizzes, tests, and reports again. Even the best student can use a little boost to help ease their way through the school year, and there are spiritual measures to help improve concentration, focus, and determination.

Carry a talisman.

Some gemstones are great talismans for attracting luck and improving your studies. White calcite is particularly favored by students for its ability to boost concentration and make it easier to learn new things. Citrine is a good stone for general success and luck. Clear quartz,a colorless, all-purpose stone, can improve memory, aid concentration, and be programmed with your specific needs. To program a stone for school help, hold it in your dominant hand and picture yourself studying hard and getting straight A’s. Then, carry it with you in class and when studying.

Use spiritual baths and washes.

Spiritual baths are not like regular baths -- rather than soaping up to get clean, they are a time for you to pray and meditate on your desire. To boost your grades, first bathe as you normally would. Drain the water, refill the bathtub, and add vervain leaves or Mind Opener Big Al Bath & Floor Wash to bath water. Soak for fifteen minutes, while praying for better concentration and good grades. Step out of the bath, dry off, and start studying!

For added help, floor washes can be used in the place where you'll be studying. Add the wash to your mop water, and mop from the front of the house or dorm to the back to draw in improved focus, more concentration, and better grades.

Light incense.

Some herbs help with studying. Gotu kola leaves, mixed with Saint Clara incense, can clear the mind and make it easier to concentrate. Celery seeds, when burned with orris root powder, enable deep concentration. To use loose herbs as incense, use a fireproof container (like a metal bowl) on a heatproof surface. Fill it with sand, and place a charcoal block on top. Light the charcoal block, and place small amounts of the herb on top. It is important to do this in a well-ventilated area, as some herbs can produce a lot of smoke.

Powdered incense, like Concentration Incense Powder, can be used by forming incense trails on a fireproof surface, then lighting it. Some like to shape incense trails into sigils or symbols related to their studies for extra help.

Anoint your forehead.

The forehead is the home of the brow chakra, the seat of perception and awareness. Anointing this area with oils like Knowledge oil, Success oil, or Fennel oil can help open the gates of your mind and allow you to pick up on and retain information more easily. Instead of oil, you can also rub a little Concentration Sachet Powder on your forehead to keep focused and make studying easier.

Perform a school success spell.

Simple spells and rituals can help you study or pass a test. If you have a big exam coming up, try doing this before you study.

You will need:

To start, find a calm, quiet place to study. Place the candle, incense, and water before you, and set the stone in front of them. Light the candle and incense. Touch the stone to the candle, incense, and water in turn, chanting:

"I hold here this stone of earth, That I shall have success henceforth.
I charge it now with fire bright, That I be filled with wisdom's light.
I pass it now through incense smoke, The fires of knowledge to stoke.
I dip it now in water here, So that my thoughts are crystal-clear."

Allow the candle to burn while your study. Repeat for seven days, and carry the stone with you when it is time to take the test.

Many people feel anxious when it is time to write an essay or take an exam. Some even feel their minds go completely blank. By having good study habits and going through spiritual preparation, you can greatly improve your chances of success.