King solomon seal wisdom

Invoking The Wisdom of King Solomon

If you have ever browsed a botanica or metaphysical shop, chances are you have seen items like Solomon seal root, or even printed seals of Solomon. These refer to King Solomon, the son of King David. He is said to have been the wisest man who ever lived -- but who was he, and how can his wisdom help you?

Solomon, King of the Israelites

Reigning in the 10th century BCE, King Solomon was a very rich and wise ruler of the kingdom of Israel. He is a major figure in the Bible, and an important prophet in the Talmud and Quran. In one of the books of the Bible, Solomon makes a sacrifice to God. God later appeared in his dream, and asked to know what Solomon wanted most in the world. Solomon requested wisdom, and it was given to him. In the Quran, Solomon was said to gained power over demons by asking for “sovereignty not allowed to anyone after me," which God granted.

In the New Testament of the Bible, he is known for building the first temple in Jerusalem. Other works claim that, to do this, King Solomon harnessed the power of many demons, angels, and even a mythical worm that could break stones. In modern occult circles, he is largely lauded as a powerful exorcist and magician. It is said that his wisdom was the source of his wealth and power -- he had demons to bring him precious stones, and animals would gladly walk into his kitchen to be made into his meals.

The Seal of Solomon

One source of Solomon's sovereignty over demons was the wisdom God granted him. He is also said to have worn a magic ring decorated with the Seal of Solomon. This is a hexagram, or two interlocked triangles that resembles the Star of David in Jewish symbolism. In the millennia since his reign, people have used images and inscriptions of this Seal for wisdom and protection.

Invoking Solomon's Wisdom

Solomon obtained his great wealth, power, and kingdom through piety and humility -- he made a sacrifice, and all he asked for was wisdom. In the Quran, he phrased his request in such a way that no one else could hope to reach his level. Nonetheless, you can invoke his wisdom and guidance to help you in your life.

One was to do this uses an image of the Grand Symbol of Solomon. This is simple to use: Write what you desire on the back of the seal, then carry it with you until you obtain what you seek.

You can also wear jewelry inscribed with the hexagram of Solomon. These are often used for protection against evil, as well as to draw wisdom to the wearer. Light a small quantity of King Solomon incense, and pass a Hexagram or Solomon's Seal talisman through the smoke. Hold the talisman in your hands, and ask to receive wisdom, guidance, and protection from all evil, malice, and harm. Anoint the talisman with a drop of King Solomon oil, and wear it every day.

Solomon seal root is said to be a powerful magical protector. Place small pieces near doors and windows to keep evil out of the home. When ground and combined with King Solomon incense powder, it helps increase its potency. Combined with cleansing herbs and brewed into a ritual bath, it helps remove unwanted spirits, hexes, jinxes, and all other forms of evil.

King Solomon was also said to have 700 wives and 300 concubines, each of whom would make elaborate feasts every night in the hopes that the King might choose to visit them for dinner. While it probably will not help you draw in a thousand lovers, Solomon seal root is used as an aphrodisiac and in love spells. Steep it in a base oil and anoint a red or pink candle, or powder the herb and roll an anointed candle in it.

King Solomon was the progenitor of a complex and powerful magical system studied by the likes of Aleister Crowley. For more information on the ruler, his power, and how his symbols and invocations are used in Western occultism, study The Key of Solomon the King and The Goetia: Lesser Key of Solomon.