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Elegua Oil

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Use our Elegua Oil to anoint your candles, as a perfume, in your spiritual baths, or in other rituals and spellwork. Ask for protection and Elegua will grant your wish and open up your road to new paths and possibilities.

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To incorporate our Elegua Oil into your spiritual practices and spellwork, you can use it to anoint candles, as a perfume, or in your spiritual baths. By doing so, you can request protection from Elegua, who can help you open new paths and possibilities. With his aid, your wishes may be granted and your life journey may be guided in a positive direction.

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Who Is Elegua?

Elegua, also known as Papa Legba, Elegbara, Eshu, or Exu, is an Orisha from the Yorubian tradition. He is recognized as the Lord of the Crossroads since he plays a vital role in every decision we make in life. He can help things go smoothly, but he can also put obstacles in our path, leading to unexpected turns. Practitioners of Santería understand the importance of maintaining good relations with Elegua because nothing is possible without him.

Elegua is often represented as both a child and an old man, symbolizing the beginning and end of all things, the opening and closing of paths, and the concepts of war and peace, life and death. His eleke, or beaded necklace, features a repeated pattern of red and black beads representing these ideas.

As a great messenger, Elegua must be called upon for approval before participating in any ceremonies or rituals. Without his permission, communication with other Orishas is impossible. It is believed that Elegua holds the keys to the past, present, and future.