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Which Orisha Do You Most Identify With?

The Orishas of Yoruban-originating religions are part of a group of godlike beings created as parts of the supreme Creator. Every worshipper has a spiritual mother and father, though only one is dominant. When a priest or priestess is initiated, they are done so as a devotee of their dominant Orisha. Though there are hundreds of Orishas, you may find you identify with one of these:


Elegua is the road-opener, and messenger of the Creator If you are a child of Elegua, you may find yourself drawn to parties, good food and drink, good cigars, fun, sex, dancing, costumes, and shows. You may be very sensual, with a keen sense of humor, a taste for practical jokes, and a highly developed sense of right and wrong (and a strong desire for retribution). This passion for fun and sensuality has its downsides -- you may struggle with confinement, monogamy, routines, and boredom. Elegua's feast day is June 13.


Obatala is the Orisha of peace and calm, whose domain is the sky above, the clouds, and the tops of mountains. If you are a child of Obatala, you may find that you are enamored with ideas, analytical, cerebral, introverted, and monogamous. Others may seek you out for your wisdom. You may prefer things like mild foods, gentle music, and small groups. However, you may find physical things a challenge for you, dislike large groups of people, and may be prone to anxiety and frustration (especially if you do not get enough alone time to recover). Obatala's feast day os September 24.


Ogun is the Orisha of technology, civilization, and iron. If you are a child of Ogun, you may be quick to become offended, quick to act, physically strong, and have an affinity for metals and woodlands. On the flip side, you may have difficulty with the emotional side of things. It can be hard for you to remain clear-headed in matters of love, talking about your feelings may be a challenge for you, and you may often feel that others take advantage of you to ask for favors. Ogun's feast day is June 29.


Oshun is the Orisha of love, sensuality, sexuality, beauty, and fertility. You may be a child of Oshun if you care about your clothing and appearance, care about fashion, love to dance, enjoy flirtation, and love parties. On the other hand, you may be inclined to vanity, tend to react emotionally rather than logically, cannot stand confinement, and are easy to offend. Oshun's feast day is September 8.


Oya is a warrior Orisha. She is the goddess of lightning, hurricanes, and the winds, as well as the guardian of the cemetery gates. You may be a child of Oya if you love thunderstorms, have a "green thumb," are not bothered by the dead, enjoy dark colors, do not fear physical fights, and enjoy the company of strong people. You may have had a lover leave you in the past. This strength and warrior spirit has its downsides, as well -- you may be quick to anger, resent discipline, and grew up as a "problem child." Oya's feast day is February 2.


Shango is the Orisha of virility, thunder, and war. He is intense, as are his children. You may be one if you are very sexual, love music and dancing, react strongly to thunderstorms, love the color red, and are articulate and charming. You may also be clairvoyant. Unfortunately, you are also likely to be hot-tempered, and find that you cause strong reactions in others -- after meeting you, they either love you or hate you. Shango's feast day is December 4.


Yemaya is the Mother of the Seven Seas. You may be one of her children if you are strongly parental, caring, empathetic, protective, slow to anger, and quick to forgive. You may also find yourself drawn to lakes and oceans. Physically, you may be inclined to a heavy figure. Otherwise, you may be a bit of a homebody. Though money is seldom a problem for you, your emotional needs come before material goods. You may find yourself performing a lot of emotional labor, as other people often come to you for support. Yemaya's feast day is September 7.

Orisha's govern all of the natural phenomena in the world, so there are many more than these seven. Though a reading is the only way to truly find out which Orishas have influence over you, this list can help give you a general idea of which you may identify the most strongly with.