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Double Cross Oil

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Double Cross Oil is a potent and versatile elixir rooted in ancient wisdom designed to confuse your enemies. This remarkable oil is your steadfast ally when it comes to safeguarding against deceit, betrayal, and dishonesty.

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Double Cross Oil is designed to empower you in your quest for a more trustworthy and truthful existence, offering protection from deceit by acting as a shield, ensuring that you are never deceived or double-crossed, and creating an impenetrable barrier against the dishonesty and betrayal of your enemies.

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How to Use Double Cross Oil

Unlock the full potential of Double Cross Oil with these suggested methods:

  • Candle Anointing: Prior to lighting candles, apply Double Cross Oil with intention, focusing on your desire for trust and truth. Let the flame illuminate your path with clarity.
  • Ritual Empowerment: Incorporate Double Cross Oil into your spells and rituals dedicated to unveiling the truth or ensuring trustworthiness. Let its energy enhance your work.