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Crystal Grid Oracle: Deluxe Edition

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After the initial success of the original Crystal Grid Oracle, the Deluxe Edition now boasts a total of 72 cards, featuring both the original set and an additional 36 cards for a more profound and insightful reading experience. The Crystal Grid Oracle - Deluxe Edition represents the next level in expanding your self-awareness, with the invaluable assistance of the Crystal Kingdom.


As we transition into a new era, our guiding principles must evolve alongside us. Outdated patterns and behaviors that once served a purpose no longer align with the emerging new you. This deluxe edition, comprised of 72 cards, introduces a brand-new set of 36 cards, encouraging you to stretch your boundaries, trust both yourself and the spiritual realm more deeply, and recognize that the Oracle transcends being a mere tool—it serves as a direct conduit to Spirit and Source. Above all, this deck invites you to carve out time from your hectic schedule to connect with the remarkable energy channeled through these cards.

  • 72 Gilded Cards
  • 176-Page Full-Color Guidebook

How To Use Your Crystal Grid Oracle Deck

When you use your Crystal Grid Oracle cards, first, shuffle them. Then, ask the crystal spirits to join you. You can say something like, 'Crystal spirits, please be here with me. I'm seeking your guidance.' Remember that working with these spirits is like having a respectful, honest, and trusting relationship.

Always ask for permission and say thank you to the energies that work through the cards for you. The more you do this, the more you'll get from your oracle.

It's important to know that the cards act like triggers. They help bring out your guidance and the energy connected to this oracle. Think of the oracle as a way to talk to this energy and for it to talk to you. With time, the cards will connect with different beautiful energies.

Don't feel stuck to what's written in the guidebook about what the cards mean. Treat the guidebook as just a guide and don't let it limit you in any way.