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How to Create Energy Grids for Manifesting

Crystals are useful tools for helping you achieve your goals. Whether you want to heal, attract love, bring in more money, or manifest a specific goal, there is a stone that can aid you. They are even more effective when you can combine them, allowing their unique, specific energies to play off of and amplify each other. One of the most popular (and powerful!) ways to do this is with an energy grid.

What is an energy grid?

An energy grid is an arrangement of crystals that is energetically charged and activated. A properly charged crystal grid can send this energy out to heal, protect, or manifest a goal. It can also send energy to multiple people, situations, or targets at a time.

Some people use herbs, flowers, or other items in their grids, but, unlike living things, crystals can hold a vibration for much longer. They can also receive, store, focus, send, and amplify subtle energy. Since each crystal has its own vibration, combining them in a grid allows you to combine all of their unique powers to your goal.

What can I use one for?

Since crystals can store, amplify, and transmit energy, a grid is almost like a magical battery. With this in mind, you can use one to:

  • Send a continuous flow of distant healing and aid in self-healing.
  • Send energy to one target, or many.
  • Increase business or cash flow.
  • Aid your personal goals, relationships, or other situations.

How do I set up an energy grid?

The first step is to choose your crystals. You will need a total of eight.

One crystal will be at the center of the grid, and relates to the situation. For example, a rose quartz heart for love, a citrine cluster for money, an amethyst cluster for spiritual healing, and so forth. You can use any crystal that symbolize your intention here. If you cannot decide, follow your intuition -- if a crystal "jumps out" at you, it has something to offer you!

Six more crystals will go around the center crystal. Clear quartz points are good for this, since they amplify and direct energy toward the center crystal.

Finally, you will need a master crystal to energetically connect and activate the others. A long crystal, like a selenite wand, works well here.

You may also wish to include a petition paper. On it, write your wish, goal, or the name of the person/people you want to heal. Place it within or under the grid.

Next, the crystals must be cleansed. Clear running water, burying them in soil or salt, sage cleansing, or setting them in sun or moonlight will remove any negative or stagnant energy. Do not place soft stones, like selenite, in water. They may dissolve.

Choose a place for your grid. It should be somewhere where the crystals will not be disturbed. (If you put energy and intention into choosing, cleansing, and arranging them, you do not want something to mess up your handiwork!) Place your center crystal in the middle. Arrange the six other crystals around the outside, with their points facing inward. You can place them in a circle, a rectangle, an infinity shape, or any other shape that makes sense to you. Make sure to charge your stones -- hold your hands over the grid, and envision it surrounded in a bubble of light.

With your grid set up and charged, it is time to activate it. Take the master crystal in your dominant hand, and point it at the center crystal. Move the wand clockwise, sending energy into the grid as you spiral out toward the outer crystals. Say...

I empower this grid to heal, to heal, to heal,
With light, with light, with light,
With love, with love, with love,
With energy, with energy, with energy.

How do I maintain the grid?

Keep your grid neat and dust-free. Keep the energy fresh and flowing by charging the master crystal daily with affirmations and energy. When the grid's purpose is complete, take it apart, cleanse each of the crystals, and save them for next time.

Energy grids are helpful tools for manifesting your desires. They can take your intention and energy, amplify it, and send it out toward your goal. With a little planning, some crystals, and a few minutes to set it up, you can create a potent energetic vortex to improve your life.